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Hello and welcome to my website.


My name is Kim.

I am a collared slave, living in a 24/7 consensual M/s (Master/slave) relationship. I am also known as MJ's girl.  We live in rural Australia.

I have been writing articles since mid 2004, and after having so many requests for copies, and such positive feedback, we decided to make them FREELY available on a larger scale.

There are other websites like mine, but a lot of them insist on a paid membership - for me this is about giving back to people, not about taking their money.

Update: June 2023 

This year we celebrated our 17th Collaring Anniversary and our 14th Wedding Anniversary!

We have had another very difficult year with many health issues for both of us so not much has changed on the site, however I will be making an effort to update it with more writing in the coming months.

It has now been 19 years since I started my relationship with Master Joe. In that time, I have gone from thinking I am a submissive in a D/s relationship, to understanding that I am a slave in an M/s relationship. Much of what is written on this website is a reflection of my early years with my Master, in essence nothing has changed, just my perception and my knowledge of what I am, not what I thought I was. I could change all of my articles to reflect my current view but I believe everything here is still relevant, no matter which label I place on myself. I hope you enjoy reading my work.

From small beginnings come greater opportunities!


The very first article I wrote was an essay on "Control" and was actually meant to be a punishment, or an exercise in education for one very new and raw submissive, who, in a fit of giggles, happened to call her Master

"Captain Control"!

The object of the exercise was to research what the word really means, and what it meant to me in terms of my life and my relationship with Master Joe. 3000 words and 4 days to do it was His requirement.   I wrote 3012 words and delivered it in 2 days!


Writing has always been a passion of mine and Sir saw the potential in my essay, and since then more and more subjects have been researched and written about. With His encouragement I have pursued my dream, and now my writing has been published in Demasque Magazine (Australia), Kink-E Magazine (Australia), Kink-E-Zine (America), Triskelion Society (America) and Submissive Voice (America) as well as on various other D/s and M/s resource sites and web pages.

My articles have also been shared on many Facebook pages and I am often contacted by people wishing to ask advice or share my work, I am always happy to correspond with people.

I also wrote Spanking Stories for a magazine called Paddles. I wrote under the pseudonym "Zas" and apparently my stories were extremely popular! THEY ARE AVAILABLE FOR SALE - CLICK HERE TO BUY!


In 2010 I published my first novel titled "Souls in Chains". The sequel "Broken Links" was published in 2017 .  Thank you to every single person who read them - I am overwhelmed by the positive response.




I hope that you enjoy reading any or all of these pages, please remember that they are all written from my own personal perspective of life as I see it - and not everyone will agree with my point of view.


One other point to note is that the earlier articles refer to my life before I moved in with Master Joe, so some points are no longer relevant to my situation now. I do revisit these articles sometimes and occasionally revise and update them if it is appropriate to do so. 



Collared slave and wife of Master Joe.

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