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Our 10th Collaring Anniversary was held on a Saturday evening in January 2016. We had about 70 invited guests, some of whom came from interstate, and like our original ceremony, it was an occasion not to be missed.

The ceremony was quite simple, we had a speech from our MC, who talked about the strength of our relationship and the difficulties we have faced over the years, and then Master Joe made a speech, followed by my own words.

We re-affirmed our commitment to each other, by the words that we spoke.

The re-affirmation included the giving of a new collar to me in the form of a gold chain and pendant (tree of life) which symbolises how our relationship has grown and how our love for each other has strengthened and survived, despite facing so many difficulties.

Master then invited all the dominants in the room to give me 3 strokes with His flogger after He had done so. The significance and symbolism of this action is to help me continue on my journey in service to my Master. The flogger was the same one used in our original ceremony.

Master Joe's Speech



10 years in this lifestyle is certainly a rare occasion indeed.

A relationship that is based on power exchange requires a lot of hard work,

nurturing, understanding, total honesty, patience

and a willingness to embrace all it has to offer.

Sadly, not all relationships survive.

When kim first came into my life,

she had no idea what she was letting herself in for

and I will say that our time together has not always been easy by any means.

She has a strength of character that I have not encountered before

and I have no doubt that I would not have survived

all the issues we have faced without her helping me through.

Her support, her unwavering love and dedication to me

is the glue that holds us together.

I know I can be a tyrant at times and I do make life difficult,

but I love this girl with all my heart, and I am thankful that after 10 years,

she is still by my side and she still serves me from her heart.

©Master Joe Debron 2016


Please, before you steal these words, remember that they are mine, i wrote them for OUR collaring anniversary

- if you like them enough to want to use them - then PLEASE write to me and ask me first, 

CLICK HERE to send me an email,

Thank you.


kim's re-affirmation

For me, knowing i am His collared and owned slave,

means that i have given Him all of me that there is to give.

It means that He owns my body, He controls my mind,

He fills my heart, and He soothes my soul.

It means that i am HIS, should He choose to give me away, sell me, desert me

- it is His right to do so because i am His property -

i am like a car or a toaster or a washing machine,

His to do with whatever He wishes.

Of course i am much more than those things.

i am His confidante, i am His support,

i am His willing and obedient slave who will do His bidding

and be happy about that - serving with a glad heart.

It means i am never to be released,

it means i can never belong to anyone else,

it means i am His until we are no longer on this earth.

It means i am safe, i am loved, i am cared for,

i am protected, and i am complete,

He is the missing piece in my jigsaw, and i love Him.

And although i can no longer kneel,

in my mind, i am always, on my knees with my head on His boots.

© kim Debron 2015

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