my books.

Souls in Chains is my first novel which was published in 2010.  

Broken Links is the long awaited sequel which was published in 2017.

My books are no longer available for sale in hard copy, though there might be some floating around on EBay and in various retail outlets (in Australia).

In 2020 I am hoping to make them available as E-Books. 

Three people around a table....


* the future of one girl hanging in the balance as she contemplated life as a slave - what would her answer be?


* the future of the other girl, certain to the end, no matter what else happened.


*And the future happiness of the man who had the power was dependent on both the others.....



Souls in Chains is a story to read - you will laugh, you will smile and you will cry....


A sudden break in the links that bind two people together, with a third hovering above.


*A girl with the strength to overcome the break.


*A friend holding the broken links, not letting them go.


*A man hovering between two minds.


Can the links be mended, or are they forever broken? ......


Broken Links continues the story of Daniel and Lucy, with Mahalia never far away in their minds. It will make you smile and it will make you cry.