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This page has excerpts from some of the erotica I wrote many years ago under the pen name of "Zas". Each one has a "Buy Now" button - if you would like to read the rest of the story, please click the button. The stories are $3 each and I will send you a PDF within 24 hours of the payment being received. Please make sure your email address is current.

I'll be adding more in the next few months - I have 15 of these stories, so if you want to read more, keep checking back!

Forbidden Encounter

I laid in bed last night, and the memories of you came flooding back, I was naked under the sheets and began to touch myself, as I thought about you and the email you sent reminiscing about the old days when life was less complicated...........................

I was working at a recreational park, and you and your mate George used to come out there to go riding, sometimes with others, sometimes just with me.

You were mum's cousin, older than me by some 10 years, but I always had a crush on you, fantasised about you, and as I got older, had the hots for you real bad. The attraction was there, smouldering just under the surface, but we respected mum, and always stayed within the boundaries - all except for one hot summers day......................................

In The Office

You are sitting at your desk, its late and no one else is around - suddenly you hear a noise and swivel your chair. I walk in, and smile at your shocked face!
"Hi" I say, "how are you," and I lean forward and kiss you full on the lips. I slide to the floor in front of you, and look at the bulge in your pants
"hmmm" I say "what have we here?" - I glance at your computer screen and see one of my emails - now I know why you are pulsing and straining at the seams.
You just grin and lean back, as I slowly run my hands over your cock, straining to get out of its confines, I undo your pants, sliding them down and off, along with your jocks, and I drop one kiss on the end of your cock..


Motel Room

I wait in the motel room, wondering what our first encounter will be like, I am early and have showered, now just with a robe on, sipping a glass of wine, some quiet music on as I relax, waiting and hoping you will show up.
suddenly a knock on the door, and I go and open it, there you are standing in the doorway, smiling at me - I am speechless, can't talk, feel like a teenager on a first date, well let me come in then you say, and I move so you can walk past then shut the door behind me.I turn and you are there, you take me in your arms and murmur, finally, you say I have been thinking about this moment for weeks and weeks, then you lower your lips to mine and we kiss, just a little hesitation and then it deepens as our tongues entwine and we search each other's mouths. I have shock waves running through me, so great is my need and the attraction between us is like electricity, your fingers burn my skin where we touch. 

Erotic Encounter

I was in a restaurant waiting for some friends, when out of the corner of my eye I spotted you, just sitting there watching the world.  I was immediately attracted to your looks, the long hair, the deep blue eyes and the tight jeans. It crossed my mind that whoever you were waiting for was indeed a lucky woman, you oozed sexuality!
I took a sip of my water, and looked at my watch, still ages to wait, my shoes were pinching so I slid them off, and as I glanced in your direction again I saw you smile, and then look at my feet, - you saw me take off my shoes!
Our eyes met, and you ran your tongue over your top lip, a jolt of pure lust ran through my body and my nipples began to harden. I could not believe that simple act on your part could cause the sensations now running riot through my body.


These stories are written by me – Kim Debron – they are owned by me. If you copy them, please give the credit to me, otherwise you are committing an act of plagiarism – you are stealing my work.

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