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In January 2011 we celebrated our 5th Collaring Anniversary, with a few of our favourite people. i made a speech, and Master gave me a gold slave ring.


Please, before you steal these words, remember that they are mine, i wrote them for OUR collaring anniversary - if you like them enough to want to use them - then PLEASE write to me and ask me first, 

CLICK HERE to send me an email,

Thank you.


To my Master....


You have guided, protected and nurtured me and helped me live my dreams


Because of you i am a published author, how amazing is that!

Because of you, i have more friends than i ever thought possible

Because of you, i have a freedom i have never known before

Because of you, i have a life of security, happiness and pleasure

Because of you, my son is alive and able to live independently

Because of you, i have coped with the emotional issues in my life,

you have been my support, my rock, and my best friend when i needed it.


The vows i made to you 5 years ago, still hold true to me today …. And this is how it went…


i knelt before You, Master, and i offered you this girl,

bound by chains that held her soul, yet freed her life and made her whole


That day You took me as Your own, that day my life was new,

soul stripped bare, I knelt, and i offered these to You.


i gave to You my heart, and it still belongs to You

it is the tie that binds us, No matter what we do


i gave to You my mind, it still is yours to keep

i sense you with me always, the feelings are so deep


i gave to You my body, it still is yours to take

You use it at Your will, and all others i forsake.


i gave to You my soul, the essence that is me

there was no turning back, for You did set me free.


To serve You is my dream come true, To please You is my need

Whatever path You choose, i still follow as You lead.


My heart, my mind, my body, my soul, i gave those things to You

You’ve cared for me and kept me safe, And you’ve loved me as You do.


© kim Debron 2011

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