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Our ceremony was held at a local BDSM club called Purgatory, on a Sunday afternoon in January 2006.

We had approximately 100 invited guests, and many who attended had not been seen out for several years…

It was an occasion not to be missed and i know there was much talk around the grapevine

about who got invited and who didn’t!

Master Joe is a very popular, well liked and well respected member of the Scene inMelbourne and there was much speculation over the years about which girl He would take for His own. Before me, He was often seen with different submissives and had a reputation for “chewing them up and spitting them out” but what people did not realise was that they all had hidden agendas, and they were not truthful about their motives for being Property of MJ.


The ceremony itself was a combination of several different aspects. We used the “Ceremony of the Roses” and also “Handfasting” as well as saying vows, that were not exactly “love honour and obey” but something along those lines.

It was beautiful, i started off mingled in with the crowd, and when the music played (which incidentally was a version of Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters”) Master found me and led me by the hair to centre stage - He claimed His girl.

We had a short speech from the MC , and then i read my story while kneeling on a black cushion...


kim’s story

It’s hard to put into words just what this day means to me, but i’ll do my best.

i’ve had a life full of ups and downs, had two marriages, produced one son,

and made good friends and a few enemies along the way.


Through all of it, i have always felt that i was searching for something, not exactly knowing what was missing,

just knowing that i was incomplete.

i stumbled onto a website one day and began to read about D/s, and slowly realised that this was what was missing in my life.


i still don’t understand why i crave control – or why i need to serve, why i need the play and need the domination,

i only know that it burns deep within my soul.

i had a couple of not very good experiences with so called Dominants, and then, i decided i wanted to have my nipples pierced, so that’s how i met Master Joe - on Mother’s Day 2004.

He opened the front door – and i simply couldn’t speak, couldn’t even think how to say hello! The connection i felt was instant, and as we sat there drinking coffee, every bone in my body was screaming to go and kneel at Master Joe’s feet. Of course i was with another Dom, so i couldn’t, and when we left there i thought i must have imagined it.

i found out afterwards that MJ had felt the same connection.


My relationship fell apart soon after that, and as Master and i had kept in touch, He was one of the people who listened to me crying my eyes out at 3am, He was the one who consoled and comforted me, and He was the one who invited me for lunch and “a little play to make you feel better”

 i had heard about MJ, – heard about His harem, and His reputation…. so naturally i was a little wary – but i was also curious, so off i went, armed with a tea cake, and scared shitless!

The rest is history, i was addicted, and in time it was obvious that Master Joe was just as addicted as me,

even though He would never admit it.


i feel that finally, i have found what was missing in my life, found my place in the world,

and found my true lover and soul mate, in the form of my Master.

It is truly an honour to be His girl, to be the one who wears His collar and tag, its not always easy, but the one constant thing in my life is His love for me, and knowing that He loves me makes anything possible. i have learned a lot, and Master has given me the courage to try new things, and to believe in myself, even more than ever before.


My journey to this moment hasn’t always been an easy one, and i thank the people in my life

who have helped me through the hard times, you know who you are.

i love Master with everything i have to give, i honour Him, i adore Him and i worship the ground He walks on. He has given me everything i could want and more, i can’t find enough words to do justice to the way i feel, but, i wrote a poem a year ago,  when i graduated from a protection collar to a full one and this is probably the closest i can get to my true feelings..


i lay there this morning curled up in Your bed

Thinking soft thoughts of You

You have changed my life so much since we met

You have made all my dreams come true


It seems that You just appeared in my life

The very moment i needed someone

You saw i was sad, unhappy and lost

You saw that my world was undone


You rescued me from the life that i led

You opened my eyes to new things

And with You beside me always and forever

i can face whatever life brings


i now know for certain that i am Your girl

My searching has come to an end

All the roads in my life have led me to You

My Master, my lover, my friend.

©Kim Debron 2005




The MC then spoke about the Ceremony of the Roses, and then Master formally asked me if i would be His girl..

i of course said yes!

robert (who was at the time Master’s male submissive) had a silver tray with the roses,

which he brought forward and presented on his knees to Master.

Master pricked my finger and my blood dripped onto the white rose, He then pricked His own

and His blood mingled with mine.

We each held a rose and put our fingers together to mix the blood,

while the MC explained the significance of what we had just done, and then the roses went back to robert’s tray.



The significance of the roses

The white rose, still not in full bloom, symbolizes her submission. The white colour represents the purity of her gift, while the still slightly closed petals show that her submission has not come into full bloom. It never will. Submission is ever deepening, ever growing and the submissive will never reach a place where she cannot open a bit more for her Master. The red rose, almost fully open, signifies His dominance. The red represents His passion and desire to posses and protect her at all costs, though it may require Him to spill His blood to do so. The rose is almost in full bloom to symbolize that He is ready and mature enough to accept the responsibilities required of Him.

    The significance of the blood:

Pricking the finger of the submissive is symbolic of taking her virginity. She has shed blood to give herself completely to him.

The drops on the white rose also speak of the same thing.

In pricking his own finger, the dominant shows his willingness to shed his blood to protect and defend her

by virtue of his ownership.

The drops on her rose show that vividly; the drop that falls on her blood covers it and blends with it, thus indicating their union. Pressing the wounds from the thorns together allows their blood to mix, joining them as strongly as their own family blood-lines. They are now of the same flesh and blood. 


         The significance of the petals:

The mixture of the petals signifies the mixing and blending of their lives.

Couples often keep them in a decorative jar, once the petals have dried .

Upon death, a portion of those petals are placed with the body to show a bond that will extend beyond the grave. Many legends are told of roses that have sprung up on the graves of couples who have loved so strongly during their physical lifetime that even in death they sent back evidence of their everlasting love in the form of roses that bloom again on the graves.



Master again formally asked me if i would be His girl and accept His collar, i said yes!

Then i read my vows to Him, and He in turn read His to me which almost had me in tears, but i managed to compose myself .


Please, before you steal these words, remember that they are mine, i wrote them for OUR collaring ceremony

- if you like them enough to want to use them - then PLEASE write to me and ask me first, 

CLICK HERE to send me an email,

Thank you.


kim’s vows


i kneel before You, Master, and i offer you this girl,

bound by chains that hold my soul,

yet free my life and make me whole


today You take me as Your own, today my life begins,

i kneel before You, soul stripped bare, and offer You these things.


i give to You my heart, it now belongs to You

it is the tie that binds us, No matter what we do


i give to You my mind, it now is yours to keep

i sense you with me always, the feelings are so deep


i give to You my body, it now is yours to take

Please use it at Your will, all others i forsake.


i give to You my soul, the essence that is me

there is no turning back, for You have set me free.


To serve You is my only wish, To please You is my need

Whatever path You choose, i will follow if You lead.


My heart, my mind, my body, my soul, i give these things to You

Please care for me and keep me safe, Please love me as You do.

©kim debron 2006



Master Joe’s Vows

Thank you for coming into my life and wanting to be My girl, I accept your offering of yourself to Me.


I give My promise to cherish and to carefully guide you and lead you safely in My footsteps.


You will belong to Me from this day on and I will do all within my power to protect you as you join Me on my journey.


I accept your desire to serve Me and the secrets of your heart.


I will honour your feelings and needs.


I will always put your best interests foremost in My dominance over you.


You belong to Me, thus you are now a part of My body and soul.


Your happiness, health and well-being are in My care and I will thoughtfully tend to them

because you are a part of Me and My destiny.


Will you kneel at My feet and take this symbol of My ownership to wear as a sign to us and those we meet on our journey?



you now belong to Me.




cheeta (who is my sister submissive) had the silver tray with the collar and the rope for the handfasting, she came and knelt before Master and offered the tray for Him to take the collar.

It was placed around my neck and then the MC explained the significance of it, and of the brands (tattoos) i have on my shoulder and my thigh.


What does a collar mean?


In the world of BDSM, a collaring ceremony is akin to a wedding, the vows taken are as meaningful as any wedding or commitment between two people.

 Master Joe and kim are about to take the first steps on a new journey in their lives, a journey that will be filled with wonderful times as they embrace their new found happiness and the commitment they both share.


Relationships always have ups and down, it doesn’t matter if it’s vanilla or otherwise, there will be conflict and there will be issues that arise – in the end it’s how we deal with the conflict that makes the difference between a successful relationship and one that falls apart, communication is the key.

Because of the very nature of the dynamics of a D/s relationship, there has to be complete and utter trust and honesty, and that can only come with good communication.

As a submissive, kim has given control of every aspect of her life to Master Joe, therefore she must trust Him to make the right decisions so that their life is one of happiness and fulfilment. Master Joe has a responsibility to take care of kim, and kim has the responsibility to serve Master Joe, and this sort of relationship is not something that should be taken lightly.



When two people such as Master Joe and kim choose to have a collaring ceremony, the collar itself means much more than just being a fashion item, or a play thing, it is the symbol of commitment from both the Dominant and submissive, like a wedding ring in the vanilla world.


For Master Joe, to give this collar to kim, He is accepting her gift of submission,

and is committing Himself to the responsibility of caring for her, filling her needs and keeping her safe.

For kim to accept this collar, she is offering Master Joe her complete devotion, her body, her heart, her mind and her soul.

She is offering Him the whole girl.

For Master Joe and kim together, it is an outward symbol of their commitment to each other, of the love they have for each other and of the Lifestyle they choose to live by.

It is the mark of Master Joe’s ownership of kim, and of kim’s submission to her Master.


Being collared is a huge step, but it is also rewarding and gratifying.

Wearing a collar is a great privilege, and should not be undertaken lightly.



I then stood up and cheeta offered the tray to the MC to take the rope and  bind our hands together.

As we walked around the circle, congratulations were offered and kisses and hugs exchanged, and then the rope was removed and i was tied to the cross to accept my first flogging (3 strokes) from Master.

All the Dominants in the room were invited to also give me 3 strokes, to help me on my journey…. Master had made a very special flogger for this occasion, it is made out of sheep hide and is very soft, that way i would not get hurt by any over enthusiastic Dominants!


We partied on through the rest of the evening, Purgatory was a BDSM club and ran once a fortnight on a Sunday night, so more people turned up as the night wore on. I felt so special, and so loved by everyone, and i remember thinking that i have more friends and more caring people in my life now than ever before.


kim Debron © 2008

Property of Master Joe                                                            




Click here to see the photos.

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