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This article is written by me – Kim Debron – it is owned by me. If you copy it, please give the credit to me, otherwise you are committing an act of plagiarism – you are stealing my work.

Positions, Serves and Rituals

There are various positions, serves and rituals that can be used within our Lifestyle and it really is the personal preference of the Dominant as to whether they are used, and if so which ones or adaptations He or She chooses .


Master Joe has several which He has adapted to suit His own taste and style.


The Greeting/Farewell:


For your own Master:

Standing in front of Master, drop to your knees, spread them apart and then lower your upper body forward, sliding your hands to either side of His right boot, then kiss the boot and wait for His hand on you (which could be a small swat to your bottom or just a hand in your hair) to tell you to rise.


For another Dominant:

Stand in front of the Dominant, drop to your knees, then lower your body forward, and kiss His right boot, or touch your forehead to it, and then wait for His sign to rise(usually a hand in your hair or a tap on your back)


The Thank You:


This is for after a session, or really for anytime you just want to say thank You to Master….. it is pretty much the same as the Greeting, but can be kissing both boots – i usually wrap my hands around His foot as i do it. And without doubt, His hands will take my own to help me up to my feet.


The Drink Serve:


For your own Master: (my personal serve)

Holding the cup in both hands, with the handle pointing to Master’s right, i drop (gracefully) to my knees, and smoothly spread my legs apart – this signifies that i am open and available to Him, to look at, to touch and to use if He wishes – in other words i am offering myself to my Master.

Then i hold the cup between my open legs and say quietly,  “From my body” this means i am offering Him my body which is His to use as He will.

I then take the cup to my breast and say - “From my heart” – this is me telling Master that my heart belongs to Him - everything i give to Him comes from my heart.

Finally, i bring the cup to my lips and kiss it and say -“From my soul” -. It means He owns me, owns my soul, and i am His.  I hold the cup out to Master, as close as i can to where His hand is, so that He can take the cup with as little effort as possible. My hands remain outstretched until He signals me to lower them and then i can rise and step backwards - i do not turn my back on Him.

Obviously this can be slightly changed to suit the relationship between Master and submissive, because this is a very personal offering of my body to Him each day, and does not apply to His other submissives.



For another Dominant:

There may be certain occasions where you might be required to formally serve a drink to another Dominant, usually a good friend of Master’s.

This is done in a similar way to the one for Sir, but with some subtle differences. Legs are not open – i am not offering myself to anyone else.

No words are said, and the cup is taken to my breast and then offered on outstretched hands, and i again wait until given a signal to lower my hands, i rise and then step backwards.



The Formal Tea Serve:


This is done in Extremely High Protocol and i am usually naked apart from a collar and sometimes cuffs.

i will collect a silver tray which has on it a small teapot, matching cup, saucer,  and jug, and i will make a pot of tea, put some milk in the jug, and His sweeteners on the tray and often a small plate of bite sized biscuits. Master will sit on the couch and i will take the tray to a small table beside Him and, on my knees, will serve Him a cup of tea using the drinks serve described before.

He will ask for a biscuit, and so i place one between my lips and then lean up and pass it to His mouth, and then return to my position. These actions are repeated until He has had enough or until all the biscuits are gone and the teapot is empty.

I will then, at His signal, rise to my feet and remove the tray, and then come back to Him for more instructions or to be allowed out of the Protocol and back to normal.

I love the mindset this gives me, love the headspace, and simply love the feeling of being at His feet, serving His tea.


Night time Ritual:


My night time ritual starts with me going to the toilet, cleaning my teeth, washing my hands and face, and then undressing for bed.

Once i am ready, i kneel by the end of the bed, and wait for Master to come. I will say my personal mantra and then will kiss His feet. He will take a handful of my hair to put me back in a kneeling position, remove my collar, help me to my feet, kiss me and tell me to get into bed and tuck me in…..




A mantra is a set of words, like a chant, that help to define your relationship or your place with Master. It is an affirmation which can be repeated on a regular basis, or daily as a ritual.

Having a mantra to say is a great way of focussing on who you are in Master’s world. My mantra can be demanded of me at anytime and at any place, though it is usually said at bedtime or before or after a play session, and can be incorporated into the Thank You…

Master usually tailors a mantra for each submissive, and it’s a personal reminder of your place in His life, and of your responsibilities to Him.




Even the simple act of Master putting on my collar before we go out, is a ritual. Standing in front of Him, with my hair pulled out of the way really does push me into a different space. It reminds me of what and who i am to Master and what my place is in His world, and it helps with my mindset.


Of course not everyone uses these rituals or serves, or even the same versions that my Master uses, and some do not use them at all.

We see different ways of doing the serves quite often. Some submissives will simply kneel and offer the drink, with head down, some will do more elaborate serves, some will not kneel but will just offer the drink on their outstretched hands.


It isn’t so much about how it is done, it is more about the reasons behind it –It’s about the mindset and the respect for your Dominant.



© Kim Debron 2009

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