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This article is written by me – Kim Debron – it is owned by me. If you copy it, please give the credit to me, otherwise you are committing an act of plagiarism – you are stealing my work.

What is a Protection Collar?

Protection in its true form is a worthwhile thing for some.

It is self-explanatory, it means that the submissive/slave is being watched over, looked after and kept safe while at the same time should feel confident enough to attend events, or mingle with others in the community.

The Protecting Dom has a responsibility to make sure the sub is safe from predators, and safe from unwanted attention. This can mean that if the sub wants to interact with another Dom, that Dom should approach the Protector for permission. The Protecting Dom should ascertain whether or not the Dom in question is safe and okay for the sub to play with or get to know.

Protection can be used for new and unsure submissives, or for those who have had a break up, or some kind of catastrophe in their lives.

my Master has been a protector several times, in one instance it was a young man who had been ridiculed and teased and taken advantage of, so Sir placed him under protection. We watched an amazing transformation take place, from a young man who was scared to even say anything and had no confidence in himself to an outgoing, happy confident person. This is because he knew he was safe, he could go to events either with us or on his own, and he knew that no one would bother him because the collar he wore said "Under Protection of Master Joe".

In another instance there was a sub who had been involved in a messy break up with her dominant. She went on a bit of a rampage and played with a couple of known unsafe players, realised she was in trouble and came to my Master asking for protection from herself! She was able to heal her hurt, and able to go out, but knew she would not get herself into any more trouble because of the collar she was wearing.

These are just two instances of how it can work.

A Protection Collar DOES NOT give the Protector the right to play with the protectee, unless there is an agreement in place to do so. Sometimes, if it is a new submissive or slave, he or she might want to experience some elements of play or interaction and in that case, as long as boundaries are respected and agreed on, then it’s okay.

It is NOT OKAY for a dominant to approach a sub and offer protection and then make advances and demands on the sub. It is NOT OKAY for a dominant to offer protection and then expect to have sex with the sub.

Many people think Protection collars are a waste of time, i don’t, i have seen how beneficial it can be, but as always, this is just my own opinion, and yours may vary.

© Kim Debron 2017

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